June 7, 2017

Baby bonnets with heart & soul

I started Jacqueline & Jac when I saw a void in the market. I wanted to buy my children accessories that met my stylish taste along with quality standards. When my son Judah was born, I wanted a hat that would look cute, fit well, and last until he grew out of it. Shouldn’t be too difficult, right? Wrong. Once again, I could not find anything that met my exacting standards.

That is how the Jacqueline & Jac’s infant line was created 

I spent months finding the perfect organic cotton in just the right shades. Multiple samples were made, and many babies tried and tested our hats – only then were they sent to productionHowever, I have never been one to settle. Each season I look for ways to improve our infamous bonnets, enhancing and tweaking little details to improve the fit even more.

Why bonnets?

You don’t see bonnets everywhere these days, but the fact is that every baby needs one…or several! Bonnets are perfect for boys and girls all year round; they keep your body temperature regulated so your little bundle is warm, comfy, and all snuggly in the summer air conditioning through the chilly winters. Bonnets make the perfect gift, either to yourself or for an expecting mom, to put in her hospital bag – not only will it be a functional gift for the new precious little one, but it will make beautiful newborn photos.

The wonderful thing about bonnets is that it’s a simple accessory, both stylish and functional, that makes such an impact. Try taking your baby anywhere in one of our bonnets without people gushing over your little one. Seriously, go ahead and try! They make a statement.

Bonnets are actually the perfect completer piece, like topping off your outfit with jewelry, the right pair of shoes, or purse to compliment the look. You don’t need a million layers or a fussy outfit to make a statement. In fact, nothing can make your baby look more adorable than a bonnet and a simple outfit – or a bare baby body and a bonnet. Truly, nothing more darling.

The problem with baby hats

All parents have been there; they find the sweetest hat or bonnet for their little one, either for a special occasion, photo session, or just because, and all the excitement goes down the drain when they place it on their little munchkin’s head. Why? Because the sizing was wrong, it slid right off the babe’s head, it was too snug, it flopped right over those adorable eyes, and/or was cheaply made, only to last a couple wears.

The Jacqueline & Jac difference

I always like my babies to be classic. You know that quote let them be little? I am a big believer in that. Baby bonnets capture the nostalgia and wholesomeness of a simpler time, and my bonnets evoke this sentimental charm of the past but with a twist.

I first created more of the classic silhouette you know and love, and after my youngest was born, I developed the pixie bonnet. Parents, you know all kids are different, right? Well my littlest man had an edge to him from the very first day he was born, giving me a run for my money, to say the least. After watching his sweet, spunky soul lay in the carriage one day, it dawned on me – I needed to make another design with an extra wow factor to match his spirit.

Whatever design you choose, our boy and girl baby bonnets does exactly what a hat should do – perfectly frame the face – and because our hats actually fit comfortably and true to size with the highest quality organic cotton, both mom and baby will feel good about it.

What makes our bonnets a cut above the rest is the function, style, quality, and love that have gone into them. Truly, my heart and soul were poured into the designs, every step of the way since my oldest was born, and it continues to empty itself by the bucket-full all the time.

I created the line I searched for and couldn’t find – I created something special enough for my own babies to wear, and I pinch myself every day that I get to extend that to one more baby.




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  1. These bonnets are so cute. I have also fallen into the trap of buying a cute hat or cap for my baby only to be worn a few times. Bonnets are a better choice.

  2. Adorable little models! Bonnets have really made a comeback recently.

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