About Us

Jacqueline & Jac is a boutique shop offering fashion-forward, contemporary accessories for boys, girls, and adults alike.

The founder and mother of three, I have had a lifelong love of fashion, and passionately believe that “what we wear is the truest representation of our personalities, our ambitions and our dreams.” With this sentiment at the core, and with three young, growing boys, I knew my work was cut out for me. I found many shops were sparse The predictably boring styles were not helping my boy’s excitement with their daily get-dressed-routine, and they were certainly not a reflection of any child’s beaming aspirations and personality. After years and years of piecing together creative looks for my family and friends, I came to a realization…

It is often the accessories that turn an outfit into a distinctive look.”

You can choose to wear the plainest of clothing and really bring it to life with that perfect, unique accessory.

From there the mission was clear and the Jacqueline & Jac line came to fruition. The line offers bright and brilliant bow ties to adorable headbands to street-chic skinny suspenders. Each and every style is woven with the highest quality threads to match your child’s everlasting adventurous spirit.

“Accessorize their Dreams.” – Jacqueline & Jac

We proudly make all of our products in America.