August 3, 2017 Fairy dust, organic cotton, fur bonnets, oh my!

Fairy dust, organic cotton, fur bonnets, oh my!

Once upon a time, there was a forest – a magical forest filled with pixie dust, woodland fairies, and the finest little princes and princesses you ever did see. With pops of blue denim bonnets for the little lads and dusty pink for the lasses, these captivating darlings knew something big was coming.

Something bigger and better than ever.

Something truly enchanting.


Yes, it’s true, they’re here – the magical bonnets everyone’s been talking about. At Jacqueline & Jac, we’re excited to shout from the woodland rooftops that our reversible fur bonnets have arrived! Constructed by our fairies out of only the finest organic cotton and rabbit fur, these gray bonnets are the perfect accessory to dress any outfit up or down and provides a functional layer of comfy, cozy warmth for the fall and wintry seasons.

Ladies, Prince Charming isn’t riding up on a white horse – he’s got a dashing new bonnet instead; but these hats have our sweet princesses saying, “Who needs prince charming when you have a new bonnet?”

So now it’s time to end our tale and to start your own – one filled with pixie bonnets, smooth as butter organic cotton caps, and magical reversible fur hats. Where will your bonnets take you this year? To the forest for apple picking (make sure they’re not poison…)? To the cinnamon sweet pumpkin patches for carving? Deep in the woods to cut a tree, while snowflakes kiss your cheeks?

No matter what adventures they take you on, we know one thing is for sure – you will live happily ever after.


Special note: fur bonnets are dry clean only


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