January 19, 2017 How to simplify your morning routine as a mom

How to simplify your morning routine as a mom

Whether you’re a mom working outside of the home full-time, part-time, work in the home, or stay at home, one thing is for certain – all moms are working moms, am I right? The tasks of a mom, though rewarding, are tiring and endless, and it’s the only real job that you have to be ‘on’ 24/7.

Why not find some ways to streamline your morning routine and make every day a “get up on the right side of the bed” kind of day? Check out these 5 ways to simplify your morning routine, for yourself and the whole family, to alleviate some of the chaos and stresses that mornings can inevitably bring.

    1. Clean up before bed: One of the best ways to start your morning off right actually happens the night before. Make it a family priority to clean up before you go to sleep for the night, and be sure to get the whole family involved.Kids need to put away their school work, shoes, clothes, toys, and help clean up after dinner.Parents, no matter how tired you are or how enticing your Netflix binge is, you need to clear the sink, counters, load the dishwasher, put clutter away where it belongs and surface clean the kitchen. It may sound like a lot, but once this becomes a part of your normal routine, it can be completed in no time. Now when you come downstairs in the morning, it will be to a clean house.


    1. Prepare meals ahead of time: If breakfast is too chaotic in your house, why not make it ahead of time? Make a batch of delicious overnight oats or egg muffins for the week; let your family pick the ingredients and even make them together. One or two batches will last you the whole week.If your kiddos are in school, you can also prepare their lunches the night before, and if they’re old enough, make this a part of their chores – not as a punishment though! Show them how to make their favorite sandwich and encourage them to make healthy, colorful choices as you teach them how to properly pack a yummy, nutritious lunch box.


    1. Choose outfits the night before: Laying out your outfit the night before can shave lots of precious time off your morning routine.


    1. Set your alarm thoughtfully: Do you set your alarm with enough leeway to hit the snooze button several times before you actually need to wake up? Time to break that habit. Set your alarm for when you actually need to wake up; enjoy those extra few minutes of sleep and wake up with purpose. While you’re at it, keep your phone out of reach and turn clocks around so you’re not constantly checking the time and calculating the amount of seep you have left all night.


    1. Start the day with music: Try being grumpy as you wake up to Build Me Up Buttercup or Dancing Queens – just try. Set a positive vibe in your home by gently playing your family’s favorite tunes; dancing is optional but encouraged.


As the core of the family, you can set a positive tone from the first baby cry or the annoying buzz of the alarm with these 5 simple steps. How do you streamline your morning routine?

10 thoughts on “How to simplify your morning routine as a mom

  1. I am all about preparing the night or day before; as a mom of now two little girls, I’m still adjusting to my new morning routine, but as much as I can do the night before, the better. I can’t stand coming downstairs to a mess the next day!

  2. I agree! I always clean up before bedtime. It makes the next morning much smoother. Oh, gone are the days of having a party and waking up to wine glasses and dirty serving plates! lol

  3. I agree, starting off with a clean house in the morning makes a world of difference! What I’ve been doing lately is, I set an alarm for 10 minutes and I think to myself, “I’m just going to clean the kitchen for 10 minutes and then I’ll finish in the morning.” Well, by some mommy miracle that always seems to be enough time, no matter how messy the kitchen is!

  4. I’ve been trying to really work on this, especially the cleaning up before bed and picking our outfits the night before. It’s such a stress reliever having those things already done in the morning when I wake up!

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