February 3, 2017 How to style a beanie for kids

How to style a beanie for kids

Beanies. They’re inescapable. They’re everywhere, from the New York Fashion Week runway and oh-so-chic off-duty model scene to the underground hipster locale and even business men and women are donning them on their commutes to work. A simple beanie can mean the difference between a bad hair day and looking cool or can be the perfect accessory to tie your whole look together.

Why should adults have all the beanie fun? Get your kids in on the action with these simple tips on how to style a beanie.

  1. Side-swept hair: Swoop your child’s hair into a side pony-tail, braid, or messy bun. Feel free to gently tease it for a bit for volume if you’d like! Position the beanie at mid-forehead with just the tops of the ears covered.

2. Dress it up: Beanies aren’t just for a casual weekend look. They’re the perfect accessory for a dressed up look, too! Keep it looking fresh with “done” hair; position the beanie at the crown of your head so you don’t mess up your ‘do.

3. Half-covered ears: With hair naturally down or with your side-swept hair, play with the position of the beanie. Let it sit slightly lower on your forehead, with the top edges touching the ends of the eyebrows and allow the hat to half cover the ears.

4. Pattern play: Balance out a fun, patterned outfit with a solid beanie. You don’t have to shy away from color either; see how a dark eggplant instantly looks neutral in this dapper look?

5. Slouchy in back: For a laid back, “I woke up looking cool” hipster vibe, allow the beanie to scrunch up in the back of the head by not pulling it taught and perfect. Our beanies  naturally do this with ease because of our perfectly worn-in cotton blend material. The top will also effortlessly slouch down towards the back with this look.

So there you have it, five simple styling tips to instantly up your kids’ fashion game using this staple accessory. Find your infant’s or child’s perfect beanies by browsing here today. What are your favorite child accessories?