June 21, 2017

Children’s wedding attire

Your whole family, kids included, are invited to a wedding- yay! (maybe?) – but now you have to find, coordinate, and possibly coerce them into wedding-appropriate outfits. Where to begin?

What kind of wedding?

The formality, season, and time of the wedding will help you determine what your kiddos will wear. Start with the invitation – does it say black tie or black tie optional? Is it a casual morning reception or elegant evening soiree? Use the style of the invitation itself and the venue location as an indicator of the formality of the event, and choose outfits accordingly.

Levels of formality:

No matter the type and formality (or lack thereof) of the wedding, you should put some consideration into your appearance because the fact that you even made the list of the couple’s closest family and friends is an honor. Help them celebrate accordingly:

Black tie: boys should stick with darker suits or tuxes in classic styles to adhere to the formal tone. Girls can wear long, tea-length, or to the knee dresses that have an elegant air to them.

Casual: boys can wear nice slacks (clean and pressed) with a button down shirt and will look even more stylish with a sport coat and tie. Girls can wear knee or mid-length dresses in a more causal pattern and style.

No indicator: look up where the venue is located to get an idea of the formality of the event.

Comfort is necessary

Stylish and formal clothes do not have to be stuffy, stiff, and uncomfortable; in fact, especially for kids, they shouldn’t be. Weddings can be long events for children, and the last thing you need is whining complaints, kicking off shoes, popping off buttons, or runs in nylons. Ensure that you can enjoy your day by putting your kids in clothes they are comfortable in.

Have them try the clothes on before the wedding (with enough time to buy something else, if needed…kids grow fast!), but first, have them get properly fitted. If the boys are wearing suits or tuxedos, get them professionally measured and try them on in the store. For girls, take them shopping and let them try on different styles, have them walk around, have a fitting room dance party, and see how the garment moves with them. At home, have them wear the outfit, shoes, hosiery, and accessories to break it in a bit, get used to shoes (if you bought them new), and get used to the idea that this is what they’ll be wearing so there are no surprises.

Accessorize thoughtfully

While your girls may want to bedazzle themselves like Pretty Pretty Princess, a wedding isn’t necessarily the time to take out all the jewelry, headbands, baubles, and more. There’s more of a chance to lose something. Instead, opt for one or two tasteful accessories, like a pearl bracelet or pendant necklace.

For boys, we can’t stress this enough – two words, say it with me now – bow tie. That’s right, no matter the season, style, or formality of the event, a bow tie with suspenders is the biggest must-have completer piece for boys. Or go with one of our traditional ties in a fun pattern. Either way, have them pick out a style with you so they have some choice and excitement in the matter. Girls can take an unexpected turn and pair a feminine skirt with a tie or bow tie – she’ll have guests turning their heads all day.

Going to a wedding with the whole family doesn’t have to be stressful; follow these simple guidelines for comfortable, stylish, and happy kiddos.

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  1. Oh my goodness!! This is the best thing!! Makes me want to get married all over again 😉 haha

  2. Great post! We are invited to a wedding later this year and have been stressing about what we will all wear ?

  3. We just went to a wedding last weekend and I really could have used this post before then… Now to return the $400 worth of unused clothes I ordered from Amazon 🙁

  4. Ironically we are going a formal party this weekend and me and my sister were just arguing about if my nephew needs to wear a tuxedo lol. I think I’ll pass this post along 🙂

  5. These are precious! So many great outfit choices, all would be perfect for a wedding.

  6. I remember years ago, the children who were attending a wedding had to wear such stiff and uncomfortable clothes! My brothers hated that. I am happy that the style nowadays is more relaxed. Those bow ties and beanies look great together!

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